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PZ - GlykoPrep, Accessories

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Heater-230V & Incubation Blocks GlykoPrep® These items may be ordered separately, PZWS0277 & PZWS0272.
CAT NO: PZGS150-230V QTY: 5673
GlykoPrep, Rack Assembly Pack Contains : 2x receiver Plate, 2 x Rack, 2 x lid.
Rapid, Digestion Module part of GlykoPrep®-plus Rapid N-Glycan Sample Preparation with 2-AB (96-ct) [GPPNG-AB]
CAT NO: PZGSP-RX QTY: Please enquire
Starter Labware Set GlykoPrep® Starter Labware set contains the starter set for use with GlykoPrep. See Tech information for a list of components.
CAT NO: PZAM200 QTY: 1 ea
Cartridge adapter set (2 x 16) AssayMAP®, Cartridge Adaptor SetIncludes reusable Cartridge Adaptors A and B (16 ea) for use with defined labware when using a microfuge and PCR heating block with GlykoPrep® in spin format. See GlykoPrep Guidebook and Microfuge Methods in Tech Notes for additional details. 16 ea WS0337, Cartridge Adaptor A (0.5 ml) 16 ea WS0336, Cartridge Adaptor B (1.75 ml)
CAT NO: PZAM400 QTY: 1 set
Labware Pack, GlykoPrep Labware required for performing GlykoPrep® plus on the Agilent Bravo Liquid Handling Platform. For combined labware and kits see PZGPPNG-AB and PZGPPNG-APTS codes.
CAT NO: PZAM96-NG QTY: 1 pack
Receiver Plate Bulk Pack. 1 pack of ten plates. (formerly P50019)
CAT NO: PZG5524-60041 QTY: 1 pack
Cartridge Rack Bulk Pack Cartridge Rack Bulk Pack (10 ea) (formerly P50036)
CAT NO: PZG5524-60042 QTY: 1 pack
Rack Lid Bulk Pack Rack Lid Bulk Pack (10 ea) (formerly P50037)
CAT NO: PZG5524-60043 QTY: 1 pack
Microfuge Tubes, 1.75 ml (250 ea / per box) 1.75 ml tubes. Please enquire.
CAT NO: PZ290175 QTY: Please Enquire
Assay MAP Heater without blocks GlykoPrep® Heater & Incubator may be ordered together, see PZGS150-230V.
CAT NO: PZWS0277 QTY: Please Enquire
Incubation Block GlykoPrep® New Technology Rapid Glycan Preparation Kit Modules and related products.
CAT NO: PZWS0272 QTY: 1 ea
Agilent AssayMAP Bravo Automated Liquid Handling Platform he Agilent Bravo Automated Liquid Handling Platform is both versatile and precise, loaded into a small, compact footprint. It is the fastest, most versatile liquid-handling system available. Two Bravo Platform models are available: standard and SRT. The standard model fits in most standard laminar flow hoods. The SRT model is three inches (7.62 cm) shorter, providing extra clearance for hoods with short internal height.
CAT NO: PZG5542A QTY: Please Enquire
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