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PZ - Glycan Labelling Kits

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R HPLC Column GlycoSep™ R HPLC Column. A reverse phase column used for optimal separation of fluorescent Signal™ labeled carbohydrates. Used for profiling of 2-AB-labeled neutral oligosaccharides (single or 2nd dimension after GlycoSep C), high resolution separation of 2-AA-labeled monosaccharides and identification of DMB-labeled sialic acids. Size: 4.6 x 150 mm
CAT NO: PZGKI-4727 QTY: 1column
2-AB Labelling Kit Signal™ 2-AB Labelling Kit. Convenient fluorescent labelling of glycans with 2-AB (2-aminobenzamide) by reductive amination. Any purified glycan or glycan pool with a free reducing sugar may be labeled. Up to 36 samples may be processed (2 batches of 18). Cleanup columns and cartridges must be purchased separately. For an updated version of this kit please see GKK-804, Signal™ 2-AB-plus Labeling Kit, in which the 2-AB and Reductant are supplied already in solution.
CAT NO: PZGKK-404 QTY: 2 sets
Signal DMB Sialic Acid Labelling Kit Glyko® Signal DMB Sialic Acid Labelling Kit. Composition: Release and derivatization of sialic acids for comparison against a reference panel. Size: 2 sets (2 x 10 rxns.
CAT NO: PZGKK-407 QTY: (2 x 10 rxns)
GlykoClean Glycan Clean-up Station (1pck /25 ct) For rapid clean up of fluorescently labelled glycans. Fast, flexible and highly reproducible: from 1 to 96 cartridge processing in minutes.
CAT NO: PZGC100 QTY: 1 ea
Signal 2-AB-plus labelling kit Signal™ 2-AB-plus labelling kit. Improves on the 2-AB labelling kit, GKK-404, by providing the 2-AB and reductant already in solution. Use what you need and store the rest. No more glass ampoules. Up to 48 samples
CAT NO: PZGKK-804 QTY: (1 x 48 rxns)
Showing 0 to 5 of 5 products