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PZ - Glycan Columns For Separation

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N HPLC Column GlycoSep™ N HPLC Column. A normal phase HPLC column optimized for rapid, sensitive and reproducible separation of highly heterogeneous mixtures of 2-AB-labeled neutral and acidic glycans.
CAT NO: PZGKI-4728 QTY: 1column
C HPLC Column GlycoSep™ C HPLC Column. For profiling of 2-AB-labeled glycans on the basis of charge. This modified weak anion exchange column contains a polymeric stationary phase with amine functionality and offers optimized resolution of neutral, sialylated, sulfated or phosphorylated glycans into charge classes. After charge separation, glycans can be collected for subsequent high resolution profiling with GlycoSep N (charged or neutral) or GlycoSep R (neutral only)
CAT NO: PZGKI-4721 QTY: 1column
C Guard Column GlycoSep™ C Guard Column. Guard column for GlycoSep C Column, used in series with GlycoSep C Column to remove sample impurities prior to the C column Size: 7.5 mm id
CAT NO: PZGKI-4721G QTY: 1 column
R Guard Column GlycoSep™ R Guard Column. Size: 4 x 10 Guard column specifically for use with GKI-4727 GlycoSep R HPLC Column (used in series to remove sample impurities).
CAT NO: PZGKI-4727G QTY: 1 column
N Guard Column GlycoSep™ N Guard Column4.6 x 10 mm. specifically for use with PZGKI-4728 used in series with GlycoSep N Column to remove sample impurities prior to the N column
CAT NO: PZGKI-4728G QTY: 1 column
N Plus Column GlycoSep™ N Plus ColumnRapid high resolution profiling of fluorescently labelled glycans. Separation by hydrophilic interaction chromatography. New high resolution gradients. Simple method transfer from GlykoSep™ NHPLC column
CAT NO: PZGKI-4730 QTY: 1 column
N- Plus Guard Column GlycoSep™ N Plus Guard ColumnUse a guard column to prolong the life of the analytical column.
CAT NO: PZGKI-4730G QTY: 1 column
Showing 0 to 7 of 7 products