Bovine Gamma Globulin, lyophilised powder

Previous code EQSLB662. Buffer 0.01M Phosphate buffer in 0.15M NaCl, buffer pH 6.9, Purity SDS Page 97%, Protein Bradford 4% solution 42.2 mg/ml. Reconstitute in distilled water or buffer of choice.

GG preparations are isolated from pooled normal serum by a proprietary chemical fractionation method. The gamma globulin preparations are supplied as a lyophillised powder. Purity levels as GG are analyzed by SDS PAGE or Agarose electrophoresis. These preparations are especially useful as co - precipitant in RIA methods employing polythylene glycol or ammonium sulfate precipitation steps or as protein stabilizers, or as blocker in a number of immunoassays. Useful as GG control solutions for biochemical analytical tests. These preparations reconstitute to pH 7.2±0.2

Bovine Gamma Globulin,...