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GlykoPrep™ InstantPC, InstantAB and APTS kits for automation on the Agilent Bravo are now available! GlykoPrep™ with InstantPC labelling for MS applications. ProZyme, Inc. and BiOptic, Inc. Sign Licensing Agreement to Develop Gly-Q System for Glycan Analysis Development of an Instant Glycan Labeling Dye for High Throughput Analysis by Mass Spectrometry NEW PRODUCT: ProZyme launches improved 2-AB labeling kit NEW PRODUCT: ProZyme launches alpha(2-6)-Sialyltransferase kit NEW PRODUCT: ProZyme launches beta(1,4)-Galactosyltransferase kit NEW PRODUCT: Rapid-Reductive-Amination™ APTS Labeling now available for GlykoPrep™
Apr 28th, 2010

PNGase A is now available

PNGase A is used for the study of the structure and function of N-linked oligosaccharides found on plant and insect glycoprotein’s. Unlike PNGase F (N-Glycanase), PNGase A, has the added advantage of hydrolysing N-glycans with an alpha 1, 3-fucosylated asparagine-bound GlcNAc. This structure is frequently found on plant and insect glycoproteins. Our PNGase A comes lyophilized in buffer and is formulated without the addition of BSA.

For more information please download the datasheet here.

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