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GlykoPrep™ InstantPC, InstantAB and APTS kits for automation on the Agilent Bravo are now available! GlykoPrep™ with InstantPC labelling for MS applications. ProZyme, Inc. and BiOptic, Inc. Sign Licensing Agreement to Develop Gly-Q System for Glycan Analysis Development of an Instant Glycan Labeling Dye for High Throughput Analysis by Mass Spectrometry NEW PRODUCT: ProZyme launches improved 2-AB labeling kit NEW PRODUCT: ProZyme launches alpha(2-6)-Sialyltransferase kit NEW PRODUCT: ProZyme launches beta(1,4)-Galactosyltransferase kit NEW PRODUCT: Rapid-Reductive-Amination™ APTS Labeling now available for GlykoPrep™
Mar 22nd, 2011

GlykoPrep™ Instant AB now fully commercialised

GlykoPrep™ Instant AB is now fully commercialised and the requirement for a CDA/MTA agreement is no longer required.
N-Glycan Sample Preparation

The distribution of N-linked glycans plays a critical role in the efficacy, immunogenicity, and pharmacokinetics of therapeutic proteins. Multi-step, multi-day, sample preparation methods have limited N-linked glycan analysis to only samples that represent critical decision points. Glycan analysis for bioreactor control, strain selection or comparability studies has never been possible.
The GlykoPrep™ platform dramatically streamlines glycoprotein sample preparation. From purification to glycan release and labeling, the entire sample prep can be completed in 3 hours, not 3–4 days.

  • Innovative platform can process up to 192 samples in less tgab 3 hours
  • Modular format enables seamless integration into a variety of workflows
  • Rapid labeling and cleanup for quantitative data

The GlykoPrep Sample Preparation System requires minimal equipment: a centrifuge with a deep-well plate rotor (minimum 44 mm height), a Starter Labware Kit, and Heater and Incubation Blocks.

New glycoanalysis kits coming soon — call us to talk about our new product pipeline!


GlykoPrep is modular and can be integrated into any workflow, regardless of sample throughput or sample type. The GlykoPrep platform is a streamlined solution for anyone that requires rapid, quantitative glycan profiling on your current analysis platform.


  • Cell culture optimization>
  • Strain selection
  • Product characterization
  • PAT assays for QbD
  • QC release

Sample Types

  • Monoclonal antibodies (purified or crude)
  • Fc-fusion proteins
  • Other recombinant glycoproteins


  • HPLC
  • LC/MS
  • CE
  • MS

Automation Options

  • Manual processing
  • Semi-automated with liquid handling system
  • Fully automated

Further Information

  • Contact us for a demonstration of the GlykoPrep Rapid Glycoprotein Sample Preparation Platform

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