Gly-SA Total Sialic Acid Quantitation Kit

ProZyme Gly-SA Total Sialic acid Quantitation Kit represents a sensitive, high throughput approach to sialic acid quantitation based upon a coupled enzyme reaction converting enzymatically released sialic acid to hydrogen peroxide. This reacts with a dye stoichiometrically generating intense fluorescence or absorbance signal. This approach allows enzymatic release of sialic acid, conversion, detection and quantitation to be performed in a single well for fast and simple processing. 

Other benefits include:

  • Automatable, 96-well microplate format with fluorescence detection
  • Broad range of detection, 40 pmol - 1,000 pmol
  • Sample digestion, conversion, detection and quantitation may be performed in a single well for fast and simple processing
  • Enzymatic cleavage (Sialidase A) allows rapid analysis (~75 minutes or less) with minimal, if any, degradation of sialic acid


  • 100 μM N-acetylneuraminic acid (NANA, NeuAc) Sialic Acid Standard, 1 ml
  • Bovine Fetuin Control, 0.4 mg
  • SAQ Dye, lyophilized
  • Horse Radish Peroxidase, lyophilized
  • DMSO
  • Conversion Reagent, lyophilized
  • SAQ Buffer A
  • SAQ Buffer B
  • SAQ Buffer C
  • Sialidase A
  • 96-Well Clear Bottom Microplate
  • Sealing Film

Equipment and reagents provided by user:

  • Laboratory oven or block heater capable of 37°C incubation.
  • Heat block with a flat surface to accept a 96-well skirted plate (e.g. VWR 13259-295 Modular Heating Block for Titer Plate)
  • Plate reader for measurement by fluorescence detection (530 nm excitation, 590 nm emission), or absorbance (530 nm).
  • Optional: Plate reader with 37°C temperature control (no need for the heater & block).