Gly-Q™ Glycan Analysis System

Gly-Q™ is a small, simple, user friendly, low-maintenance capillary electrophoresis system with an easily-replaceable gel cartridge. The capillary mounted into the cartridge contains gel matrix that is replenished from the top reservoir of the cartridge between sample runs.

The accompanying kit contains sufficient reagents to de-glycosylate purified samples using a 5 minute in solution digest. The released glycans are then instantly labelled using Gly-Q Instantdye and clean up utilises a 96 well plate and vacuum manifold.

The glycan profile for the first sample is ready within 1 hour and 96 sample profiles are ready in 6 hours.

The Gly-Q platform is ideal for glycan profiling during cell culture screening and cell optimisation.


PZ–Gly-X with Instant Q kit
PZ-Gly-Q modules
PZ Gly-Q standards