Tools for Glycan Analysis

ProZyme's analytical tools for glycan analysis

Europa Bioproducts Ltd is the European Distributor for ProZyme Inc.

ProZyme is a U.S. manufacturer of high quality, value added and customer driven biochemical reagents.

ProZyme’s flagship product line is the glycobiology portfolio. This portfolio was enhanced in January 2003 when ProZyme purchased Glyko* Inc which included the product line for Glycobiology from Oxford Glycosystems Ltd from the UK. These products are used by Biopharmaceutical companies, worldwide, to study the glycosylation patterns of recombinant proteins and monoclonal antibodies.

ProZyme has maintained a commitment to invest in, develop, release and support innovative products in the exciting and rapidly expanding area of glycobiology. A result of this investment is the widely used GlykoPrep*** platform which dramatically streamlines N-glycan sample preparation and enhances data quality. So in as little as 3 hours purified, fluorescently labelled, glycans can be produced. The platform supports traditional glycan labels such as 2-AB and APTS as well as the first commercially available instant labels, InstantAB and the newly released highly sensitive label for MS applications, InstantPC. The GlykoPrep platform is easily automated, the first being on the Agilent AssayMap Bravo and recently using a Tecan Freedom Evo liquid handler. This produces increased precision and walk-away capability. In 2016 we will launch two exciting products, a 10 minute rapid in solution digestion method using a modified N-Glycanase formulation and the Gly-Q****, a small capillary electrophoresis system that provides high throughput results with rapid separation.

Our traditional product line includes N-Glycanase a recombinant form of PNGase F which is exclusively licensed from Genzyme Corporation.

In addition we supply all the products for N and O-linked glycan profiling using 2-AB and APTS fluorescent labeling. This includes endoglycosidases and exoglycosidases to sequence individual glycans, glycan standards, quantitation and characterisation of Sialic acids (N-acetyl-neuraminic acid, NANA) and monosaccharide composition analysis.

Technical data and Material Safety Data Sheets, in Adobe® Acrobat ® format, are available at the ProZyme site. Clicking below will take you to the Glyko PDF index page.

* Glyko® is a registered trademark of ProZyme, Inc, Hayward, California, USA.
**N-Glycanase® is a registered trademark of Genzyme Corporation, Boston, MA, USA.
*** GlykoPrep® is a registered trademark of ProZyme Inc, Hayward, California, USA
**** Gly-Q® is a registered trade mark of ProZyme Inc, Hayward, California, USA