Dojindo Laboratories Kits and Reagents for Life Science Research

Dojindo Laboratories started in 1910 as Dojindo pharmacy founded by a well-known researcher in chelating chemistry, Professor Keihei Ueno. Dojindo Laboratories was the first company to commercialise EDTA in 1951 and ever since has been producing reagents to support the progress of scientific research.

The meaning of Dojindo is deeply tied to traditional Japanese culture. “Jin” means to respect and care for others. It’s this philosophy which drives the company to improve each customer’s satisfaction by providing Japanese quality customer support and innovative products, values which are shared by Europa Bioproducts.

We list 439 products, many of them unique that are used by research organisations in many disciplines. Many of them are available in bulk quantities for use in large scale production especially for Clinical Chemistry Diagnostic Reagents. Please enquire for bulk pricing.

The products are grouped into these main categories:

Surface Modification: a range of reagents used to activate surfaces prior to immobilisation of antibodies and proteins including biotinylation.

Analytical and Biological products: including DNA and RNA isolation, Trinder reagents for Clinical Chemistry, Tetrazolium salts, Goods Buffers and Ion detection (i.e. Calcium, Iron and Magnesium).

Cell Analysis: Cell Viability and Cytoxicity Detection Kit, Microbial Viability Kit, Cell and Bacterial Staining Reagents, Intracellular Fluorescent Probes and Transfection Reagents.

Kits for Life Science Research: Fluorescent Dye, Fluorescent Phycobiliproteins, Enzyme and Biotin Antibody Conjugation kits and Protein A and Protein G purification kits.

Oxidative Stress Detection; DNA Damage kit, SOD Activity Detection kit, Glutathione Quantification kit, Spin Trap Reagents and Nitric oxide donors.

Protein Analysis: Chelating Reagents, Cross Linking Reagents, Protein-DNA Interaction Reagents and Detergents.

Products Overview

Cell Based Assay
Application Products
Apoptosis Annexin V, FITC Apoptosis Detection Kit
Autophagy DALGreen-Autophagy Detection
Cell Viability and Cytotoxicity Cell Counting Kit-8
Cell Counting Kit-F
Cell Cytotoxicity Cytotoxicity LDH Assay Kit-WST
Cellular Senescence Imaging SPiDER-ßGal
Cellular Senescence Detection Kit-SPiDER-ßGal
Live and Dead Cells -Cellstain-Double Staining Kit
Microbiolgical Analysis
Application Products
Bacterial Staining -Bacstain- CTC Rapid Staining Kit (For Flow cytometry)
-Bacstain- CTC Rapid Staining Kit (For Microscopy)
-Bacstain- AO solution
-Bacstain- CFDA solution
-Bacstain- DAPI solution
-Bacstain- PI solution
Bacterial Viability Microbial Viability Assay Kit-WST
Application Products
Gene Transfection HilyMax
Reporter Gene Assay SPiDER-ßGal
Stem Cell Research
Application Products
Stem Cell Differentiation ES/iPS Differentiation Monitoring Kit
Labeling Chemistry
Application Products
Labeling Biotin to IgG or Protein Learn more
Labeling Enzyme to IgG or Protein
Labeling Fluorophore to IgG or Protein
IgG Purification
Application Products
IgG Purification IgG Purification Kit-A
IgG Purification Kit-G
ACE Inhibition Analysis
Application Products
ACE Inhibition ACE Kit-WST
Oxidative Stress Assay
Application Products
DNA Damage DNA Damage Quantification Kit
GSSG/GSH Ratio GSSG/GSH Quantification Kit
Lipid Peroxide Liperfluo
Lipid Peroxide in Mitochondria MitoPeDPP
Singlet Oxygen in Mitochondria Si-DMA for Mitochondrial Singlet Oxygen Imaging
SOD Activity SOD Assay Kit-WST
Total Glutathione Total Glutathione Quantification Kit
Mitochondrial Analysis
Application Products
Iron in Mitochondria Mito-FerroGreen
Lipid Peroxide in Mitochondria MitoPeDPP
Mitophagy Mitophagy Detection Kit
Mitochondrial Staining MitoBright Green
MitoBright Red
MitoBright Deep Red
Singlet Oxygen in Mitochondria Si-DMA for Mitochondrial Singlet Oxygen Imaging
Protein Redox and Hydrogen Sulfide Analysis
Application Products
Biotin Labeling -SulfoBiotics- Biotin-HPDP(WS) solution
Hydrogen Sulfide Donors -SulfoBiotics- Sodium Sulfide (Na2S)
-SulfoBiotics- GYY4137
-SulfoBiotics- H2S donor 5a
-SulfoBiotics- H2S donor 8l
-SulfoBiotics- H2S donor 8o
Hydrogen Sulfide Imaging -SulfoBiotics- HSip-1 DA
Hydrogen Sulfide Probe -SulfoBiotics- HSip-1
Redox State of Thiols in Protein -SulfoBiotics- Protein Redox State Monitoring Kit
-SulfoBiotics- Protein Redox State Monitoring Kit Plus
-SulfoBiotics- PEG-PCMal
S-Nitrosylation of Thiols in Protein -SulfoBiotics- Protein S-Nitrosylation Monitoring Kit
Sulfane Sulfur Donors -SulfoBiotics- Sodium disulfide (Na2S2)
-SulfoBiotics- Sodium trisulfide (Na2S3)
-SulfoBiotics- Sodium tetrasulfide (Na2S4)
-SulfoBiotics- Sodium Polysulfide Set
Sulfane Sulfur Probe -SulfoBiotics- SSP4
Surface Chemistry
Application Products
Protein Interaction Analysis Amine Coupling Kit
Formation of Biotin-SAM on Gold Surface Biotin-SAM Formation Reagent
Formation of Carboxylic-SAM on Gold Surface Carboxylic acid-SAM Formation Reagent
Formation of NTA-SAM on Gold Surface NTA-SAM Formation Reagent