Bovine Serum albumin

Albumin, BSA, Cohn Fraction V

Europa Bioproducts Ltd offers a large variety of high quality Albumins in research and bulk quantities. They are used in Cell culture, Vaccine production, ELISA, RIA, Immunoblots, Hormone and Cholesterol assays and more. The key benefits are high purity and consistency, manufactured by Equitech Bio Inc. from USDA inspected Bovine plasma, CTSE certificate of suitability from the EDQM and we can supply lyophilised and liquid preparations.

We have several grades for different applications.

For cell culture and vaccine production: Our low Endotoxin powder, BAH, is an ideal supplement for your cell culture as it contains very low levels of Endotoxin and Bovine IgG.

For diagnostic applications: The diagnostic grade powder, BAH68, is designed to minimize analytes that cause background interference. This product contains low or non-detectable levels of Endotoxin, bioburden and Bovine IgG.

For hormone and cholesterol assays: We recommend fatty acid free powder, BAH66, which has typical fatty acid levels of 0.02%. This minimises the interference in hormone and cholesterol assays.

ELISA, RIA and Immunoblots: Reagent pure powder, BAH64, is the ideal blocking reagent for immunoassays to minimize non specific binding.

Tissue culture: Our Cohn fraction V powders, BAC62 and 65, is rich in lipids and cofactors which is ideal for tissue culture work.

Blood compatibility testing: We have sterile solutions prepared from Heat shock or Cohn fraction V powders. We can supply them with or without preservative.
These grades are normally in stock so we can offer quick delivery.

Albumins from other species: Canine, Chicken, Equine, Feline, Goat, Guinea pig, Hamster, Human, Mouse, Porcine, Rabbit and Rat. Contact us for availability.