Who we are:

Europa Bioproducts is a privately owned, European distributor of speciality products and reagents (Bioproducts) used by Diagnostic companies, Biopharmaceutical companies and Researchers.

The company has a wealth of experience importing products from the USA and Japan, then distributing them from the UK to all parts of Europe. We welcome enquiries from any company wishing to consider Europa as a logistics centre for Europe.

Our main business is the supply of:

Tools for Glycan analysis manufactured by ProZyme Inc. ProZyme has a long track record of innovation, the latest being the Gly-Q platform, “The Ultimate Glycan Screening Method”.

In 1992 our business started by supplying Diagnostic raw materials (JBL Scientific Inc) to European companies manufacturing reagent kits so we continue to supply:

Streptavidin and its conjugates, Fluorescent conjugates for flow cytometry and multiplexing (Luminex) also from ProZyme Inc

Bovine serum albumins, Animal sera, Bulk secondary antibodies and Immunoglobulin’s from Equitech Bio Inc

Liquid stable enzyme substrates from Moss Inc and a complimentary range of products used in the manufacture of ELISA reagents.

Europa Labelled products which have been requested by our customers over the last 24 years.

Bulk quantities

We concentrate our activities in Europe only. Enquiries from outside Europe are usually handled by our suppliers from the USA or Japan. Please note that our web site contains the minimum quantity we will supply. Most of the products are available in bulk so please enquire.


We work with sub-distributors in Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Israel, Luxembourg, Norway, Sweden and The Netherlands. Please visit the distributor page for their contact details. We are always interested to hear from distributors in other countries.

Research customers

We supply exactly the same quality products to UK and European researchers through our on line catalogue. We support UK scientific research by offering free delivery in the UK and for Europe we add our minimum shipping charge. For multiple quantity orders we have a discount policy. In addition for annual standing orders and bulk orders please contact us for a special quotation. Usually we can offer significant discounts from our web site prices.

DEFRA audited

Europa Bioproducts is a DEFRA audited, intermediate facility for the importing, handling and distribution of category 1 (Bovine products) and 3 (bulk sera) animal by products under the 1774/2002 animal by product regulations. This means we are able to distribute these products throughout the EC without our customers requiring further documentation.


We have a laboratory which is used for repackaging bulk products into smaller pack sizes for direct sales or for resale by other catalogue companies as we do not target the research market. We welcome enquiries for collaboration with any companies who target this area.

Using our partners in the USA we can offer:

• A range of glycan analytical services for Biopharmaceutical companies.

• Custom protein conjugation services including Biotin, enzymes, Phycoerythrin and Allophycocyanin